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VAT registration for non-established persons

The notice contains a basic information on registration for value added tax and other responsibilities arising from the tax law that need to be fulfilled by so called non-established taxable persons in the Czech Republic.

The annex concerning economic activity may be voluntarily attached to the application for VAT registration in order to speed up registration procedure.

The change of the territorial jurisdiction of the tax authority for value added tax as of 1. 9. 2016 – taxable persons who do not have their registered office or fixed establishment in the Czech Republic

Änderung der örtlichen Zuständigkeit betreffend Umsatzsteuer ab 1. 9. 2016 – Steuerpflichtige, welche auf dem CZ-Gebiet weder Firmensitz noch Betriebsstätte haben

Changement de juridiction locale pour la taxe sur la valeur ajoutée (TVA) à partir de 1. 9. 2016 - des assujettis qui ne sont pas établies en République Tchèque