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Warning against scam phone calls and text messages that impersonate the Tax Office

13. 5. 2024

We would like to draw your attention to scam phone calls (vishing) and SMS (smishing), which are currently spreading widely throughout the Czech Republic.

In case of a fraudulent phone call, the voice machine will inform you, that you have overpaid/underpaid your taxes, for example in the amount of 30 thousand CZK. After you follow the given instructions, you will receive a link to the scam “MOJE daně” portal website via SMS, where after logging into the fake website, the scammers will try to make you share your sensitive personal information and get access to your bank details. As an alternative, without a previous phone call, SMS alerting you to overpayment/underpayment of tax are sent straight away. Scammers are using the logo of the Tax Administration of the Czech Republic and the “MOJE daně” portal website.

We remind you, that the Tax administration pays overpayments automatically, based on the request submitted as part of the tax return and does not require any further actions on your part. The Tax administration also never sends any active links in an SMS message or e-mail, does not use automated phone calls and does not request any sensitive personal information, or access data to internet banking.

Therefore, be careful, in case of an automated phone call from the Tax administration, hang up and do not click on any links. If you are not sure, please contact your tax office. The Police of the Czech Republic also warned on their social networks about ongoing scam attempts that lure people to get tax overpayments.

Example of a scam SMS and a fake “MOJE daně” portal website: