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VAT Control Statement: small traders managed to file without problems

The VAT Control Statement for 1Q was filed by 85 % of VAT payers. Errors in format or structure of the statement were found out only in 0.4 % cases.

As of 25th April, the Financial Administration of the Czech Republic received the VAT control statements from 421,000 VAT payers. It was the very first time for natural persons – VAT payers with calendar quarterly taxation period. There are 213,000 of these VAT payers, the VAT Control Statement was filed by 85 % of them, i.e. 180,000 VAT payers. Erroneous format and structure of the statement was found out only in inconsiderable 0.4 % cases.

There are about 500,000 registered VAT payers in the Czech Republic. But not all of them are obliged to submit the VAT Control Statement. Those who did not have any taxable transaction do not have to submit the VAT Control Statement at all. Stats about remaining 79 thousand VAT payers, who did not file their submission, are to be specified yet.

Introduced measures against tax evasion, especially the VAT control statements, contribute significantly to the increase in VAT collection. Collection of the value added tax in the first quarter grew by 3.8 billion, which represents an increase of 5.23 percent.


Number of registered
VAT payers

 Number of VAT payers who filed
their Control Statement

Natural persons with a monthly taxation period



Natural persons with a quarterly taxation period



Legal persons with a monthly taxation period



Legal persons with a qarterly taxation period