Financial Administration

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News 2014

  • Phishing attack warning

    The link, which allegedly serves for tax refund, redirects user to a fake website with a form to fill in.
  • Tax Cobra prevented fuel tax evasion in value of CZK hundreds of millions

    The Tax Cobra stroke again. A potential fuel tax evasion was nipped in the bud. Based on analysis of information, rapid exchange of information among members of the Tax Cobra (joint team of Unit for Combating Corruption and Financial Crimes (ÚOKFK), the General Financial Directorate and the General Directorate of Customs) and the subsequent intervention at the fuel traders, tax evasion in the amount of approximately CZK 650 million was prevented.
  • Tax „Cobra” has launched its activity

    Members of the team "Cobra" will be engaged in identifying, detecting and combating selected tax evasion cases in both the tax and criminal side. A cooperative solving of cases ensure full access to information and evidence means that will be used by all involved members in the proceedings.  

  • CZK 295 mil evasion on value added tax

    The Unit for Combating Corruption and Financial Crime (ÚOKFK) revealed a case of value added tax evasion on trading of fuels during the action called „MAX“. The damage that should have been caused to the Czech Republic was preliminarily estimated to be approximately CZK 295 million.

  • Relentless fight against tax evasions of VAT

    Financial Administration of the Czech Republic has not diminished its efforts to eliminate tax evasions of VAT. Since the beginning of this year it has been issued dozens of security orders, which managed to prevent non-payment of taxes amounting to nearly CZK 250 million.