Financial Administration

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Electronic Submissions

„EPO“ (Electronic submissions for the Financial Administration) is application which allows e-filing of tax returns and sending other documents electronically.

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VAT Payers Register

VAT Payers Register application allows to check the reliability of VAT payers and registered bank accounts of VAT payers according to the tax identification number (TIN).

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Excise Duty Payers Register

Registry of excise tax payers on the website of the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic

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VIES VAT Number Validation

You can verify the validity of a VAT number issued by any Member State by selecting that Member State and entering the number to be validated.

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VAT Refunds - EU

Information on cross-border refunds of VAT in the EU.

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Business Register

Business Register offers search for a concrete business by identification number ("IČO") or name. It is created for needs of the State statistical service and all the entries

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European Business Register

Online access to detailed and accurate European company information direct from the source - each country's official register.

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Access to the Registers of the Economic Entities

Information system allowing a retrieval of information on economic entities registered in the Czech Republic. This system intermediates a display of data from particular regis

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