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IBAN code in cashless payments on accounts of tax offices

For safe international tax payments it is necessary to know the right procedure of international money remittance, where the IBAN code (International Bank Account Number) is used.

This number has for every single state its fixed structure of maximally 30 characters with the invariable positions of the bank code and the account number.



International format of account number for the Czech Republic according to the standard:

    • 2 characters – state code;
    • 2 characters – control numbers (protection against incorrectly entered data);
    • 4 characters – bank code;
    • 6 characters – bank account prefix;
    • 10 characters – account number (tax office account number registry).

For instance, the bank account number of the Central Bohemian Region Tax office for levying the property tax:

complete account number for domestic payments:                        7755-77628111/0710

IBAN in writing is separated by a space every 4 characters: CZ30 0710 0077 5500 7762 8111

IBAN in electronic form:                                                          CZ3007100077550077628111

For more information about IBAN visit the Czech National Bank website.