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Payment of taxes

What type of postal order is used to pay taxes?

If the taxpayer fails to pick up the postal order for the payment of taxes at his tax administrator at the local competent Tax or Customs Office, he shall use postal order type “A”.


What forms of payment of taxes are available?

Tax is possible to pay:
- in cash at the cash desk at the local competent Tax Office,
- by postal order,
- by bank transfer (non-cash payment form).


What is the structure of the variable code?

If the taxpayer obtained a Tax Identification Number (DIČ, “Daňové identifikační číslo”), he would enter the basic part of it, i.e. numbers next to the dash (in original form of DIČ) or numbers next to letters “CZ“ (new form of DIČ), into the box for variable code (“variabilní symbol”).

If the taxpayer was not registered = didn’t obtain DIČ, he would use his Birth Number (9 or 10 figures without any gaps, dashes or slashes) as a natural entity, or his Identification Number (IČ, “identifikační číslo”) as a legal entity.


What to enter as a constant code?

In case of non-cash payment, as a universal constant code (“Konstantní symbol”) is used 1148.
In case of payment in cash, as a universal constant code (“Konstantní symbol”) is used 1149.


What to enter as a bank code?

The bank code (“Kód banky”) is a part of the bank account and it is permanently 0710 (code of the Czech National Bank).


How often do the Tax Offices transfer the shared taxes to municipalities and regions?

If the amount to be transferred exceeds CZK 500, the Tax Offices will transfer the tax incomes according to the coefficients of shares in the state revenue of shared tax to municipalities and regions twice a month.