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TOP 20 legal entities awarded

Ministry of Finance in co-operation with the General Financial Directorate awarded the most significant taxpayers of the corporate income tax in 2012. The representatives of Ministry of Finance and the Czech Tax Administration met delegates of awarded companies at the representative premises of Břevnov Monastery on 16th May 2013.

"As I see it, the point of this event is to express our thanks to the companies with responsible attitude to their tax liabilities, which contributed to the total collection of corporate income tax in the most significant way," said Mr. Miroslav Kalousek, the Minister of Finance.

"Although it is only 20 companies, the tax they’ve paid, makes almost 30 % of total collection of corporate income tax," noted Mr. Jan Knížek, the Director General of the Czech Tax Administration.

List of ninety-eight most significant corporate income taxpayers in 2012 is available here. Companies are listed downwardly according to the amount of tax paid. Only the names of companies that agreed with releasing of this information are published.