Financial Administration

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CZK 295 mil evasion on value added tax

The Unit for Combating Corruption and Financial Crime (ÚOKFK) revealed a case of value added tax evasion on trading of fuels during the action called „MAX“. The damage that should have been caused to the Czech Republic was preliminarily estimated to be approximately CZK 295 million.

Police officers from the ÚOKFK have been working on this case since January of last year after acquiring information pointing to an organized group trading with fuels. The investigation led them to a group of seven persons, who imported minimally 52 million litres of fuels to the Czech Republic. For purposes of trading of fuels, they also deliberately established at least 8 companies in the Czech Republic, whose statutory bodies should act as “strawpersons”.
Fuels were purchased from the Federal Republic of Germany and from the Republic of Austria, and subsequently they should be resold. Police officers from the ÚOKFK cooperated closely with the General Financial Directorate during the action. It was discovered that the fuel purchasing companies have submitted false tax returns with untrue data or no tax returns at all. A total of eight security orders were issued by the tax officers of the Financial Administration of the Czech Republic.
After securing of evidence during house searches, the Police officers accused 6 men and 1 woman of tax evasions. Imprisonment up to 10 years may be imposed on all accused.