Financial Administration

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Employees of the Financial and Customs Administrations checked 130 tank trucks during three-day action "PLATÝZ"

A joint controlling action of the Financial Administration of the Czech Republic and Customs Administration of the Czech Republic, which was aimed primarily against the VAT evasions occurring in the import of fuels from the European Union countries to the Czech Republic, started on 10th October and ended on 14th October 2013.

130 tank trucks with petrol and diesel oil were checked. The fuels were secured in the amount of CZK 15 million during those days. Furthermore, CZK 27 million on bank accounts was secured thanks to co-operation with the Financial-Analytic Unit of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic.

Newly, in case of distribution of fuels, it will be necessary to have a licensed trade and put down a deposit in the amount of CZK 20 million from 1st November 2013.