Financial Administration

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CZK 50 million additionally assessed during controlling action focused on road tax

Controlling action focused on the fulfilment of tax obligations on road tax was finished with the assessment in the amount of nearly CZK 50 million.

Employees of the Financial Administration of the Czech Republic checked proper taxation of all vehicles, including vehicles with a maximum allowed mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes. In almost 4 thousand cases were found irregularities that led to an increase of tax obligation.

"The control action was very successful. Achieved result constitutes about one percent of the total collection on this tax for the previous year. The high contribution to the state budget can be attributed to high-quality analysis of data acquired from the third parties pursuant to the law", said Mr. Jan Knížek, the Director General of the Financial Administration of the Czech Republic.

The most common offence was non-taxation of trucks. These vehicles are always subject to the road tax, regardless, whether they are used for business purposes or not.