Financial Administration

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Indirect Taxes Department

Director of the Department:  Ms. Blanka Mattauschová

The Indirect Taxes Department is responsible for methodical management of performance of administration of value added tax (VAT) in the scope of activities of the financial administration. It methodically administrates and performs the exchange of VAT concerned information and another forms of international cooperation. It takes part in preparations and elaborating of tax policy strategy, bills and other legal regulations, implementing regulations, as well as international laws. It performs analysis of the impact of legislative changes on VAT collection and administers this tax. It handles corrective and supervisory means filed against decisions made by financial administration bodies. It issues a binding decision on the assessment in matters of VAT. In its scope of activities it takes part in development and practical use of the AVIS (Automated Tax Information System) and VIES (an information system for sharing information on VAT among the EU member states).